• CEIP Doctor Serés

    Josep Ma. Alventosa, Marc Alventosa i Xavier Morell.
    Francesc Navarro, basic project.
    Project data:
    - Surface: 1895,05m2.
    - Promoter: Councils Alpicat, Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia.
    The brief of the project is to increase the 2 lines C.E.I.P. Doctor Serés Alpicat. The existing school consists of two detached; the oldest where we find the whole school program and a dining room with a more current design located at the other end of the plot.
    Our intervention is the reform of the old school and its extension by a new building that adapts to different aliniacions the site, defines and delimits the children's playground, and joins the two existing buildings, far away.
    The new school opened almost exclusively to the yard and the park is closed while the step compactly to the road through a system of walls that were moved to create the new main entrance. About materiality of the proposal, new construction is solved with the same materials as the existing dining room to the set of the new school acquire unitary.