• Casa VC

    Josep Ma. Alventosa, Marc Alventosa i Xavier Morell.
    Sara ROIG, Photography.
    Krasznai, Sculpture.
    Project data:
    - Surface: 247,80m2.
    - Promoter: Private.
    - Energy demand for heating: 32.38 Kwh/m2 any
    - Energy rating: A
    By sharing customers ’concerns about sustainable construction and getting excited about the nostalgia with which they recounted family experiences lived within this plot; We had a very clear strategy: We had to build a Building energy efficient and enhance those elements, that, together with customers, identify the VAM assets sentimental familiar (caminet of existent land, protected by a stone tablet centennial oak, views of Montserrat and connection with the north plot).
    The project is organized into four independent modules connected by a deck that acts as a set of interstitial. This union allows us to visually reference frame and each of the four goals identified as sentimental assets, thus achieving, Linking life inside the new house.
    From a climatic study of the site get results which we determined to follow passive strategies to reduce energy. With these strategies (ventilation, voladius sunscreen between equinoxes, advantage of the thermal mass of the slab ...) achieve significantly increase the user comfort.
    Yet, Morell Alventosa Architects we go one step further; decidim implement envolvent (front, covering,...) with optimal thermal performance. That way we act consistently with the environment both in the construction phase of the project as; and at the same time, get excellent benefits:
    - Reduction of the ecological footprint through the use of materials close to the area where constructs, natural and natural with minimal impact (flat rock, spruce wood,...).
    - Avoid any condensation by building a healthy home thanks to the exclusive use of breathable materials.
    - Building with natural materials allows us to prevent and control the toxicity of materials used.
    - Reduction of 70,6% energy consumption with respect to a conventional house of the same characteristics of projection. House Energy Efficient.
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